Based on Popular Demand...

The Fortress Farm series is evolving into Killswitch Chronicles...

With the success of Killswitch Chronicles (the compilation of all Fortress Farm titles plus the Haunt of Jackals storyline) we will expand the world of the Great Reset. 

Coming soon:

New Land Taking

The nation of Iceland is a tight knit group. When the Great Reset hits, those hundreds of years of community will be tested by power struggles and outside threats. The volcanic land beneath their feet is forcing a decision - stay and pray that the land won't explode in fire and ash. Or pick up and move to a new land as their ancestors did a thousand years before. The east coast of North America looks like the place they can colonize until they find out that not everyone - or everything - has vacated that overgrown land.

Skies of Texas

The Red Hawk Republic's attention shifts to the threats moving north from Central America and the Caribbean. Utilizing a mix of religion, coercion and terror, tyrants are again on the march, threatening the fragile peace the Republic has managed to establish in the aftermath of the Killswitch. 


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